4 Tips For A Smooth Underwriting Submission Process

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Submitting a risk should not be such a pain

4 Tips For A Smooth Underwriting Submission Process

Greenwood Underwriters are sharing their tips for a smooth Underwriting submission process. Following these tips will greatly reduce your stress levels associated with getting your clients the best policy out there.  

Document your thought process

Demonstrating your thinking will depict whether or not you understand the agency’s appetite and in turn make your underwriter’s job easier, resulting in a quicker decision or quote. A tip from the underwriters is to check your prospect’s website.


This is the first place the underwriter will go so make sure the company’s website matches up with the information provided by the broker / agent.


The underwriter wants to give the broker the best possible deal, therefore providing the agency with any type of competing quotes they are trying to beat as well as any target premiums will benefit both the broker and the underwriter.

Build a relationship with your underwriter

Greenwood’s goal is to build long term relationships with brokers / agents while writing mutually profitable business. The broker /  underwriter relationship is just like any other relationship and demands certain aspects to ensure its success: respect, honesty, consideration for each other’s abilities.


It is a relationship of collaboration, communication and consistency. Brokers / agents need underwriters to insure their clients, and underwriters need brokers to present new markets for profitable growth.

Greenwood General Insurance Agency is staffed with seasoned Underwriters  ready to assist you in your risk submission to ensure all the necessary information is provided. The Underwriters at Greenwood specialize in providing our brokers with everything they need to ensure their success.

Provide consistent information

Inconsistencies will be noticed, and will require further reviewA thorough description of the insured’s business operations; currently valued loss information including detailed summaries of large losses, details on special hazards and risk management initiatives, number of years in business and coverage specifications will all assist the underwriters assessment of the insured on whether or not to move forward with the risk.


Another key data point that ensures a smooth underwriting process, is providing your broker’s license number for all active states. 

Ask for additional information when needed

Each agency works and quotes differently and it is therefore the responsibility of the broker to understand how the agency conducts new business. 


Don’t be afraid to call the agency and have all your questions and concerns addressed. In turn, be available and ready to find answers to the underwriter’s questions when needed. 


If the underwriter has trouble getting answers they need to approve your submission, they may have to move on to the next submission resulting in a longer turnaround time.

Here at Greenwood, we focus on fast communication and easy applications, which is what makes our brokers so successful. Get started by booking a free demo with our best Underwriter.

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