Contractors Pollution & Professional Liability

Greenwood’s CPL program encompasses a wide range of protections, including personal injury and property damage, as well as the crucial clean-up costs necessary to remove hazardous substances and restore affected properties to their former condition. 

Greenwood General recognizes the unique environmental risks that contractors face in their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s construction, consulting, or other contracting activities, we understand that protecting your clients business and reputation is of utmost importance. 

Contact us today to explore how Greenwood General can provide you with the right CPPL coverage for your clients.


  • Blanket contracting operations coverage
  • Emergency Expense coverage at full policy limit
  • Restoration expense includes betterments using Green Building Materials
  • Adverse Media coverage limit of $250,000
  • Blanket Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation where required by written contract
  • Terrorism coverage at no additional charge
  • Pollution Rectification Expense Coverage (CPPL)
  • Professional Protective Loss Coverage (CPPL)
  • CPL – $1,000 minimum premium and retention
  • CPPL – $1,500 minimum premium and retention
  • Up to $5M per claim/policy aggregate
  • Practice policy terms up to 2 years (CPL & CPPL)
  • Wrap up (CCIP, OCIP) and project policy terms up to 3 years (CPL & CPPL) with completed operations period up to 20 years


  • Oil / Gas drilling
  • Tract home builders
  • Foundation/retaining wall design/service
  • Airport (re)fueling and deicing operations
  • Architectural, civil/non-environmental engineering or geotechnical firms
  • Facility based operators for chemical manufacturing petroleum refining or nuclear exposures
  • Environmental consulting firms generating >25% of total revenue via Phase I Environmental Site