Titan Program Wholesale

New Wholesale Market

Titan Program

Greenwood is proud to introduce the Titan program, the ultimate solution for large accounts in construction. This program can consider  GCs, Artisan Contractors, OCIP, CCIP, Project-Specific, Owner’s Interest, Practice Policies, OCPs, and Discontinued Operations.


Target Classes

  • Concrete construction projects (commercial and residential)
  • Commercial projects (including apartment buildings)
  • Single-family projects (i.e.; wood frame residential)
  • Commercial General Contractors
  • Commercial subcontractors
  • Residential subcontractors doing repair / remodel work
  • Residential subcontractors with limited residential tract or condo exposure in non-Tier 1 states

Consider Classes

  • Bridge Construction
  • EIFS Work
  • Elevator Contractors 
  • And more


If you don’t find your specific risk mentioned in our target classes, feel free to inquire for additional details to determine if we can provide coverage for your hard to place risk.


  • Easy quotes for hard to place risks
  • Large claims history considered
  • Rated A-IX; Admitted & Non-Admitted
  • Higher limit GL up to 5/5/5
  • Minimum retention of $10,000 depending on product line
  • Blanket Additional Insured available
  • Waiver of Subrogation
  • Primary & Non-Contributory Wording
  • Repair work extension endorsement on project specific risks
  • No Subsidence or prior work exclusions
  • Hot tar/torch down work contemplated
Quoting requirements

Acord 125 + Acord 126 + Any Existing Supplemental + Loss Runs

Project Appetite


Minimum Premium – $75k for commercial & $100K-$125K for residential


» Project Specific

Minimum Premium – $20k for commercial, $25K for commercial apartment & $35K for other


» Owner’s Interest & OCP

Minimum Premium – $15k for Owner’s Interest & $5K for OCP


» Discontinued Ops

Minimum Premium – $50k – No retention

Annual Policy Appetite


  • $20K minimum premium $5M in limits per policy
  • $5K minimum retention
  • Defense outside
  • Per location aggregate capped between $5M to 10M



» Commercial General Contractors
» Commercial Subcontractors


» Residential Subcontractors 


Products Appetite


  • $5M in Limits per policy
  • Occurrence or claims made depending on product



» Manufactures of specialized products with a significant history of expertise/loss experience


» Risks whos products present mostly PD exposures and/or mostly single BI exposures


» Risks whose products can be characterized as short shelf life or limited latency


» Risks whose products are utilized by knowledgeable users in business-to-business applications