Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a quote?

Answer: You have three options. (1) Online rater (2) Phone indication (3) Application submission


Do you accept risks with UNINSURED Subcontractors?

Answer: Yes. We accept uninsured subs and will be rated as payroll.


Do you offer payment plans?

Answer: Yes, we offer financing with 15% down. Outside financing (using a finance co of your choice) is also allowed.


Do you offer CG 20 37 (Completed Ops)?

Answer: Yes, we do offer CG 20 37. However, the coverage is limited to Commercial Work only.

Can you offer phone quotes?

Answer: No, phone quotes are not available. Please submit any application you may have completed.


I’m new to Commercial Insurance. Can you help me complete the application?
Answer: Yes, we can help you. Please contact our General Manager for assistance.


How competitive are your rates?
Answer: If you provide us with the target premium, we will try out very best to meet or beat your target premium.

How do I obtain a quote?

Answer: Call our Commercial Auto Underwriter to see if phone quote is available. Otherwise, use our Quick Quote App. We also require MVR’s and loss runs (if applicable).


What payment plans are offered?

Answer: Direct Bill with preferred carriers. Other E&S carriers will allow financing with 20% to 25% down-payment.


What is the maximum liability limits offered?

Answer: We offer up to $1,000,000 liability. However, depending on prior coverage, we may offer $750,000.


What is your maximum radius?

Answer: Up to 500 miles for our preferred program and 48 states for our E&S program.

How do I obtain a quote?
Answer: Online rater is available for qualified producers. Go to (Must have login)


What payment plans are offered?
Answer: Payment plans are offered for risks with a quoted premium of $300 and above.


Do I need to file with the Obligee after the bond has been issued?
Answer: No. Once we issue the bond, we file it directly with the designated Obligee.