How The Most Successful Brokers Met Their Goals

Do You Have A Plan For Success?

Successful Broker Tips

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How the most successful brokers reached their goals

Have you ever wondered what the most successful brokers have done to reach their goals? We have some insider tips to help you in your road to success.

It’s All In The Routine

Having a solid routine does not only help you keep track of tasks that need to be done but also ensures that you set time aside for yourself. 


Successful brokers make sure they set time for personal needs. From exercising to meal prep to family time, setting time for self care can greatly improve your productivity and well being. 

Communication Is Key

Learning how to communicate effectively can have a great impact on generating and maintaining your lead pool. 


Successful agents have learned to respond to inquiries and emails with little or no delay. Showing your clients that you are able to provide fast and efficient service is the key to closing sales.

Greenwood General Insurance Agency is staffed with seasoned Underwriters  ready to assist you in your risk submission to ensure all the necessary information is provided. The Underwriters at Greenwood specialize in providing our brokers with everything they need to ensure their success.

Manage Your Time

Successful agents work smarter”. Along with allocating time for yourself, it is important to allocate time for day to day tasks. You should be allocating time to follow up on prospects, emails and general administrative tasks. 


Once you start to follow daily systematic time management, you will see yourself closing more sales. 

Get Digital

The insurance industry is being interrupted by technological advances and the demand to go digital. Not only do customers want fast and efficient ways of obtaining insurance, but insurance carriers and MGAs are all implementing digital tools to improve the client experience.  


Whether you choose to use digital tools to optimize your marketing, customer service or internal administration, one can greatly increase their productivity by simply going digital. 

Keep Learning

The most successful agents are always learning skills and ways to connect with potential clients. The insurance industry is constantly evolving, therefore it is vital to stay informed on industry trends and changes in customer buying behavior. 

Here at Greenwood, we focus on fast communication and easy applications, which is what makes our brokers so successful. Get started by booking a free demo with our best Underwriter.

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