Did You Know That It Can Take Up to 2 - 5 Years to Build A Substantial Book of Business?

Successful Broker Tips

Tips from our Marketing team to ensure your success

What's The Most Successful Way to Build Your Client Base?

Having your risk submission denied can greatly set you back as a broker. Here are some reasons why your submissions were denied along with Underwriter insider tips to improve your submission approval rate 

Create a Website

Having a stand-alone website with your own domain name will greatly boost the conversion rate of companies who wish to work with you following through.   Although it is important to be active on social media as a business, a website sends a message to your prospects that you are a professional and trustworthy establishment. It is important to take the time to invest in and build a website for your agency.

Invest in SEO

Now that your website is up and running, you can optimize your site so that you can be found more easily on search engines like Google and Bing. Search engine optimization (SEO), can be time consuming however one can hire experts to assist you in this. 
Greenwood General Insurance Agency is staffed with seasoned Underwriters ready to assist you in your risk submissions to ensure all the necessary information is provided. The Underwriters at Greenwood specialize in providing our brokers with everything they need to ensure their success.

Use Email Marketing

A great way to market your business is through email marketing. Through this medium, you are able to communicate with clients and prospects whether you are informing them on new products and services, offering them promotions or sending out newsletters.   You always want to make sure you are offering your contacts valuable content that will in turn improve your sales conversion rate. 
Offer an incentive: Gift cards are a great way of showing clients that you appreciate their referrals and also helps with making a good long lasting impression on your client.   Treat your clients: Another way of rewarding your clients for referring your business is by inviting them to special events that give them the sense that they are a VIP client.     Gifts: Sending your clients well thought out gifts will not only brighten their day but will increase their inclination to keep referring to potential clients. There are many gifting companies that allow you to put your company logo onto a gift which adds a personal touch for your clients. 
Cold Calling: Cold calling is a traditional form of direct marketing. Although this type of lead generation requires a great deal of patience and persistence, cold calls made at the right time can yield great results.   Purchasing Leads: An easy yet effective way to generate leads is by simply purchasing lists. There are a number of services available that acquire leads and sell them to businesses. Although these leads are not exclusive to you, purchasing leads can be a great way of expanding your client base without much effort.  

Lead Generation

Now you are ready to build your client base.  There are many ways one can conduct lead generation, and different methods can require more investment in time and financial resources.   However, one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to find new leads is by asking current clients for referrals.   Referral Program: “According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from family and friends.”  Here are a few ways to create a referral program that gets clients excited to participate in.     
Social Media: Before creating a profile on all social media platforms, you should determine which platform your ideal customers are using. The best social media platforms for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   Share valuable & engaging content on a consistent basis   Use keywords and hashtag to show up in industry related searches   Create ads to target your marketing efforts directly to your potential clients    Use call to action buttons on your profile or posts that link to lead capture forms
Here at Greenwood, we focus on fast communication and easy applications, which is what makes our brokers so successful. Get started by booking a free demo with our lead Underwriter.

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